03/13 Yuan Lin He Ping Pres. Church (Update)

Today we opened the Directions book to start the study.  Four prior Directions participants were there to help watch kids, help participants, and give their testimonies.

I always like the first lesson, zeroing in on the Gospel and making sure people understand the decision they may or may not have made.

We follow a 3-3rds format and include a lot of time building relationships, and sharing experiences as we come through the study.  I like to take time to understand their point of view when it comes to Chinese Christian culture in Taiwan.

Pray for this group, two new people came.  Pray for clarity of thought and a willingness to change the way we think based in the Word of God.  Pray for continued relationship building as we cement our relationships based in God’s Word.    

03/11 Jane Huang (3rd Generation)

Sunday night I lead the Small group at Symrna Baptist Church.  Steve and I continue to take them through the study.

Tonight, Jane (right, who came to America with us last year) came to help and give a quick update.  She is leading 5 people in her church (Taichung Baptist Church) small group through Directions.

Raymond also appears in the picture, go Raymond.

Pray for her discernment and character.  She continues to help others with the mentoring process.  What a blessing to hear from her.  Pray the Lord continues to allow me to work with individuals like her.


03/09 Gao Xiong/Ping Dong Directions plants (Update)

Pastor Zhong and I took a 24 hour road trip South to Gao Xiong and Ping Dong.  Pastor Zhong and I have partnered up, and I am serving Pastor Zhong in his ongoing effort to start Directions groups within the Aboriginal Community.

Our first stop was Gao Xiong, where we arrived at an Army base.  Next to it was the base housing.  This is where we meet with a group of three Aboriginals (two men and one women) who already started the study with Pastor Zhong last year.  I asked them when they accepted Christ, and two of them said they did last November, when Pastor Zhong started the small group.   The third man accepted Christ as his Savior this evening.

Dale Noland, SYME Missionary, met us and joined the group.  Dale will continue to attend in the future along with Pastor Zhong and me.


We slept there and woke up to meet with Peter Ozias (first picture), who lives and teaches in Gao Xiong.  Peter and His wife are from my church in the States.  It was good  caught up with him.

We then began to travel over to the Western part of Ping Dong, in the mountains where we had dinner in a restaurant ran by some of Pastor Zhong’s relatives.  It was a great lunch.  And the view was beautiful.




Later we met with two Elders and one Deacon and gave them an introduction to the Discipleship process.  It was an eye opener for them.

Pray for Pastor Zhong and I as we partner to establish these mentoring groups in the South.  We already know, once someone has been prepared, they can and are willing to take it to other areas.

03/07 Yuan Lin He Ping Pres. Church (New Connection)

From the original group that started Directions back in 2012, we continue to offer small group participation for members of this local church.

Teacher Yang, currently has a Wednesday Small group consisting of about ten people.  They are almost half way through the study.

Tuesday night this week we started another group above Doctors Office.  The original group consisted of about 15 people and it was a great time for fellowship.  I introduced the Directions study and asked for commitment.  Mr. and Mrs. Chao set up this introduction. 

Doctor Pan is providing the leadership and the place to meet.  All of them have been instrumental in starting groups in their area.

Continue to pray for these opportunities.  More and more people are being empowered to start these groups. 

03/07-08 Gao Xiong/Ping Dong Directions plants (New Opportunity)

Pastor Zhong and I will travel South to start two new Directions groups.  Details are not clear right now, but, it is time to further the ministry outside of the Central part of Taiwan into the South.

Dale Noland will connect with us, and attend one of the groups.

Pray for the initial meetings, that they build interests and commitment.  Open the hearts and minds of those in attendance. 

03/05 Nan Tou Pres. Church (Update D2)

We continue our study through Compass(D2).  The Pastor and many of the leaders enjoy this time as we learn of Two Kingdoms and expand our understanding of the prophetic view of the Bible.  Last month I told you they went church wide with Directions, many of the member of this group are taking 20 or more church members through Directions.

Last year we met with the Youth leaders to help them with a new approach to youth ministry taught by SYME here in Taichung, but we found out they needed a basic foundation rather than trying to start/improve their existing youth Ministry.  This is being accomplished.  Now we turn again to their youth ministry.

This April, Dale and Anne Marie, SYME Missionaries, will begin the process of helping the Peter and Albee train young leaders in a new fun way of doing youth ministry.  Also, this Summer, they will be part of a team coming from Graceway, to provide a Summer camp to jump start their numbers.

Pray for this church, who have committed to establish a Biblical foundation for their adults, do the same for their youth.  Pray for Dale and Anne Marie, as they invest their talents and resources to help them establish a growing youth ministry for the future. 

03/02 Kee Long Shan Hai Church (Update)

I will visit this church tomorrow, to encourage and follow-up on their progress through the Directions study.  I could not visit last month because of the Cambodia trip, so I am making a special trip this weekend.  I will not be preaching, just being part of their local church.

Pray for them as they continue the study, that basic Bible doctrines become clearer.  Pray for the leadership, as they prepare their church to receive new believers and have the ability to mentor them. 


03/02 Taipei Shuang He Church (Update)

I will be visiting this Church today to answer any question the young people may have concerning the Directions process.  Today, I will finish a little study called 3/3rds.  Just another method for leading the small groups.

Pray for clarity and their ability to absorb the relational aspect of the mentoring process.  Pray for their Spiritual growth and ability to reach out to their community.  Pray for Pastor Hong and his wife, as they continue to lead these individuals.

02/27 Taichung Prison Tuesday Directions Group (Update)

Today, Pastor Zhong and I started another half year study group in the Taichung National Prison.

This term, we are using what we have experienced in the past to reach 15 individuals with the Gospel.  Though the Amen Group, as it is called is Christian, most of them, about 9, are not Christian, while the remaining are professing Christian, who do not know the Lord.

This term, we will build on relationships as best as the environment allows, and provide a varying study approach, keeping it interesting and spiritually enriching.

Pray for us as we share, that our testimonies will shine out to impact these men.  Pray for those who are returning, to help lead. 


02/27 Taiwan Wednesday Gideon Organization Office Small Group (Update)

Though today is Tuesday, we had a Gideon Office Small Group get together for a New Years Lunch.  Five of these individuals are about to finish the Directions study.  I think they are ready to start lesson 17.  Three of them I continue to meet with and lead through Lesson 6.

The original group wants to move on to the Compass (Chinese D2) study after finishing Directions.  Right now, the second lady on the right Wendy continues to lead the original group.  She has already come through Directions and Compass at Taichung Holiness Church.  So, they are a third generation Disciple.

In a couple of months, we will start the Compass study together and Joseph has OKed finding another time for the three I am currently leading to be lead by members of the existing group.  This will give them a chance to practice and know they can do the same.

Joseph, center, is the Asian Director of Gideon.  He allowed me to introduce Directions to his church up North in Kee Long.  That work is going well, and I visit once a month to answer any questions they have and encourage them.  The original group consisted of over 20 individuals.  i will be there this coming weekend.

Pray for this group as they come through the Compass study.  That their Spiritual eyes be widened and that they realize the depth of God’s Word.  Pray for opportunities for them to promote Directions groups in the churches they visit.